Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I HAVE GIVEN IN..........

Hello world or should I say hello BLOGSPOT!!!!!!!!!!!! This my first official post, After running from this for a while some good friends of mine fitzchronicles, strictlihair, themacstyles and the Mr. ( my Husband ) have been saying how good this would be for me I finally gave in to temptation. I am overjoyed because I know this is gonna be one heck of a journey so LET’S GO!!!!!


  1. WOO HOO!!!!! Welcome ShaeLee! I'm so excited and I'm so glad you're sharing your wonderful, ecentric style for all the world to see!!! Congrats friend! :)

  2. Well well well look what the wind blew in!!!!!

    Welcome to the world of blogging ShaeLee!!